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10 Fun Single Parent family traditions.

I have been looking back at articles I wrote for Kiwi Families back in 2013. Focusing on Single Parenting and raising tweens and teens.

This article about making new family traditions still makes me smile today!

making family traditions

On the ‘eve’ of Miss 13’s Birthday every year, I wake her up, wish her Happy Birthday and ask her if she wants to get up for a Midnight Milkshake.

It’s a special way to start the Birthday. While drinking the Milkshake. I also give her one little present to open, and then she crawls back into bed and into Milky sleepy birthday dreaminess!

8 years later family traditions have been added to and Milkshakes at Midnight still feature for every birthday. We are a blended family household now, but MaM has been heartedly adopted by everyone.

Compromise your tree, see your birthday in and out, the orange in the bottom of the Christmas stocking, and Beeping through tunnels car rules feature consistently and we have added many more traditions since I wrote this.

You can click through to the Kiwi Families website to read the full article below.
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