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Power of words in project teams

Power of words in project teams

As I near the end of the project I’ve been working on, I’ve been reflecting on success, and the power of ‘words’ in Project teams 🗣 👂

At the end of each project, I carry out a personal audit as part of my own personal development on what I’ve achieved, what I would do differently, what I would implement earlier/later and lessons learned etc.

On project handovers, often usual project success factors are, have we:

  • met the business requirements
  • achieved all project deliverables on time, in scope, and on budget
  • delivered the objectives and benefits

… I agree these are all important tangible success factors for an organisation…

… but ultimately my key success factor is… I want to leave people and teams in a better place from my time working with them…

The power of words and how you are with people carries great significance, and why I will always lead and go about my work ‘people first’.

So I also ask myself, have I:

  • encouraged others to trust in their abilities?
  • highlighted to people the skills and attributes they may not see for themselves
  • identified opportunities for people to step up and lead work?
  • mentored junior members in project practices/subject areas they may not be so familiar with?
  • praised to leadership the mahi (work) of others and highlighted how this contributed to my success?
  • given a damn about people, their families, and the things they care about the most?
  • left people and teams in a better place from my time with them? 😁

If I have… this personally is my ultimate measure of delivering a successful project.

What’s your key success factor?

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