Shift – what is it? Have you tried it?

With a project brain, having more than 30 computer tabs open on my screen & tabbing through them all to find the one I need & logging in is business as usual.

Shift is the desktop app for streamlining your accounts, apps, & workflows all from one app.

I have been trying it out to see what I think, to see what it’s like to stay in one application for the day with all my tabs in it.

I have only touched the surface on what I can load into Shift as you can see by just the handful of apps & accounts I have added so far:

Gmail, WordPress, Trello, Asana, LinkedIn, Messenger, Microsoft Teams, & so on, & I can also add website applications that are not loaded like my accounting application & my website.

So far so good, it is super easy to get started & load, I will do a more in-depth review after I have been using it for a month or two.

…I just have to remember to open it in the morning.

Tip: There is no ‘scroll’ bar on the left-hand application bar, on my mac I use the trackpad to move up & down. It felt a little odd for a start, as we are so used to scroll bars, & it did mean I added a workspace 3 times as I didn’t spot it already loaded, as it was up the top.

Have you tried it yet?

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