Pip Rudhall Hyett


  • Ability to juggle a multitude of roles, challenges & tasks throughout the day, both the planned & unplanned with ease & commitment.
  • 18 years’ experience in a very diverse Project Coordinator, Operations & Office Management, Personal Assistant & Administration environments with a wide variety of transferable skills & strengths.
  • Easily adaptable to change, think outside the box, manage adverse circumstances & can pick up a project figuring it out on the fly.
  • Ability to find the positive in every situation, encourage teams, clients & others through engaging communication.
  • Quickly can see the big picture, knows how to break down clear tasks for projects & practically gets stuck in to get the job done & done well. 
  • Active curiosity to find out how things work or why they don’t work & find effective solutions. Solving the problem by figuring out a way through to the right solution through research, hard work, determination & initiative.   
  • Excels at pre-empting the needs of what clients, Directors or Project Managers are going to require ahead of time & doing everything possible to make everyone in the companies’ life easier.
  • Mature, professional, confident & friendly towards clients, key organisations within the industry, suppliers & co-workers.  
  • Believe in giving exceptional service, have the ability to create loyalty above & beyond the interaction, by exceeding expectations.  
  • A great encourager, motivator, Manager & supporter working successfully in a team or easily & productively solo.


Tertiary Education Commission
Mar 2020 – Present (contract runs til 31 July 2020)

Project Coordinator – Contractor responsible for directing, organising and controlling project activities, under the direction of the Project Manager.

The Tertiary Education Commission’s (TEC) mission is to ensure that all New Zealanders are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need for life long achievement. TEC invests $3.2 billion annually in the tertiary education system and has a lead role in supporting career development of people in New Zealand.

  • Migration to Microsoft cloud services project, implementing Exchange Online and Teams as a pre-cursor to an Office 365 roadmap.
  • Coordination of shared resources and interdependencies with other projects eg. a video conference Skype room implementation, and upgrade of our document management solution.
Project Coordinator - read further detail of experience...

Project Coordination

More to come here

Aug – Dec 2019 (4.5 month Contract)

Project Coordinator – Contractor for the NELP (The Statement of National Education & Learning Priorities) in the Quality Teaching & Learning Policy team of 12, Senior Policy Managers, Chief Advisors, Policy Advisors & Policy Graduates.  The NELP identifies the Government of the day’s educational priorities for early learning services, schools & kura.

Manage my teams project collateral, timeline, sequencing, requisitions & purchasing, physical resources, logistics & travel for the Policy drafting (for Government to implement) & the public consultation process of the proposed NELP-TES with community groups, Tertiary Education providers, Schools, Teachers, Principals & members of the public throughout the length & breadth of NZ.

  • Organised 36 meetings in 24 cities/towns across the country allowing us to consult with as much of the public as possible in a tightly packed 10-week government consultation period.
  • Assisted in the selection of a fellow assistant Project Coordinator (PC), inducted, trained & mentored them in their role.
  • Acted as PC across two teams Schooling & Tertiary from mid project through to completion.
  • Commended frequently by team members that I played a significant role in building team relations, helped bring them out of themselves & bought them closer together as individuals & as a team.
Project Coordinator (4.5 month contract) - read further detail of experience...

Project Coordination

Coordinate my team of 11 & that of my fellow colleagues in the TES (Tertiary Education Strategy) team, programme coordinate the project schedule, keep everyone informed, resourced & sane through an incredibly intense schedule. Meticulously worked alongside the Senior Policy Manager to ensure the NELP Consultation project was achievable, delivered on-time & within scope.

Organise team & project meetings, set agenda’s, chair meetings when required, minutes, chase actions & track deliverables / collateral within multiple internal teams, external organisations while keeping team on track with overall project timeline.

Processing of internal sign-offs for project resource, booking orders, gaining approvals, input requisitions, purchase orders, new suppliers, obtain sign off to approve payment of supplier invoices all through Oracle Fusion. Tracked overall project costings & attributing costs across multiple internal teams. Sourced Venues, catering & made travel bookings via APX Travel Management system.

Assisted in developing consultation survey through Citizen Space. Quality assurance (QA) & peer review of documents & cabinet papers.
Tracking multiple external public facing email inbox’s, responding to queries, delegation to team members & tracking responses.

Acknowledgement of all public submissions & filing. Orchestrate physical mail outs & email mail outs of NELP engagement reports to previous engagement participants & respond to their queries throughout NZ.

Liaised with Web Design, Text Ferret, Graphic Design, Public Relations & Communications teams on information flow from our team to the public. Completed an overhaul of stakeholder databases, bringing all previous haphazard lists in different formats & combining into a master clear concise database to be able to be used across multiple teams & on future projects.

Archiving of all project consultation files in MOE’s shared file system to ensure easy & clear retrieval in the event of a OIA request. Managed the process of translating our large documents with external providers into 13 languages, Plain Text, Easy Read & NZ Sign Language to provide accessible printed & web options the public.

Team Management

Inducted, trained & mentored a fellow Project Coordinator & allocated their workload. Trained my team in functions within Oracle Fusion & the shared file system for retrieval, archiving & OIA requests.

Built stronger team relations (a quiet passion of mine), worked alongside them in the trenches & encouraging them as individuals & in their team roles.

Hampton Jones

April 2017 – June 2019

Project Coordinator / Office Manager for a nationwide multi-disciplinary building specialist firm in Wellington: Building Surveying, Structural Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Architectural and Project Management.

Being perceptive and discerning to anticipate and proactively react to the ever changing needs of the day-to-day challenging operations and projects, be the cog/wheels that kept the central office turning, professionally supporting the team physically and emotionally, with the main aim to uplift tasks from each consultant to free them up to do what they do best creating greater productivity for the company.

  • Actively over last 2 years have taken on further essential responsibilities from RD (Regional Director) & ADM (Associate Director – Structural Engineering) / PM (Project Manager) within the business to free up their time & be further cost effective for the client.
  • An effective part of positive change management attitudes for the team & living out the company values.
  • Overhauled the on-boarding / induction process of new team members: documentation, workstation/equipment setup & physical aspects (received stellar feedback from all new staff).
  • Selected for review panel for implementation of Deltek PIM & trained as a regional PIM super-user!
  • Accounting program transfer from Lexis Nexus Affinity to PIM & training for our teams in its use.
  • Key contact for client liaison for the MBIE enforced Unreinforced Masonry strengthening project for Jackson Street, Petone, including playing a significant role in helping each client understand the benefits to join the companies collaborative approach.
  • Project Coordinator for 2 years on the landmark NZTA PP20/Winstone Aggregates – public works acquisition review of effects report, contract requirements & project management during construction.
  • Acted for PM while they were on extended leave to carry out PM role, responsibilities & reporting for the project.
  • Exceeded the scope of the Office Manager role initially started in, evolved into a substantial fee earning Project Coordinator & built the office administration support team.
Project Coordinator / Office Manager - read further detail of experience...

Project Coordination

Work closely with the RD & ADM / PM to ensure throughput, quality & timely delivery of ongoing projects & services to key clients. Prepare, draft, research, coordinate as much project work as possible to free up the PM’s time to focus on their expertise, leaving the day-to-day work to me. Assist in the development of a comprehensive Project Management Plan & keep LIVE documents updated.

Update Risk Registers, collaborate responses, populate comments registers & chase actions. Produce documents, plans, reports, Visio flow diagrams & setup meetings via GoMeeting, Zoom or Skype.

Communicate with clients & external stakeholders on the PM’s behalf, draft, peer review, proof & QA (Quality Assurance) for the PM briefing documents. Step in for the PM in their absence to monitor their inbox & respond to queries, produce weekly email updates, fortnightly steering group briefing documents, chair & minute Steering Group meetings remotely (via Skype).

Monitor Aconex inMail for formal project correspondence & distribute to our client review team via OneDrive. Attend & minute all project meetings & distribute info to all, record internal notes from external meetings for project records, ensure all incoming files are saved to project server, coordinate all physical files & collation of historic records.

Travel to site, liaise with site team, capture weekly disruptions & supporting information & compile for the Quantity Surveyor & formally record Advance Sum Reporting. Attend weekly project meetings on site with multiple stakeholders, capture info & minutes, debrief & distribute info to all, follow up actions & reminders. Draft & coordinate all project billing for PM.

Liaise & meet with Clients, Council, NZTA & their representatives, LINZ, Legal teams & various external stakeholders to report on projects. Assist with prep of Legal documents, reviews & checking consistencies between legal reports & project reports & cross check with programme.

Office Management

Responsible for overall office management & administration for a team of 13 consultants (including 3 remote consultants), implementing new 
technologies & training, prep new work stations & all welcome collateral, prep new employee full induction documentation & carry out 

inductions & be first point of call for Human Resources.

Liaising with the HR department on adverts & conducting interviews for administrative support staff, implement Health & Safety initiatives including maintenance of web based, member of Health & Safety review committee, induct external visitors & visiting staff from other offices, deputy Fire Warden & Pool Car logistics.

Project creation in our nationwide server system, update resource planners, project filing, super-user of Deltek PIM (Project Information Management system) including implementation of the DMS (Document Management System), contact database admin, set client meetings, organise logistics & equipment.

Payroll proxy for RD, expense claims, credit card reconciliations, petty cash, travel bookings & logistics nationally. Retrieving property files from Councils, document production, word processing, photo editing, dictation typing, PDF collaboration & QA for consultants. Dealing with all office/client correspondence in/out handling of confidential documents, internal meeting agenda’s & minutes, staff events organisation, contributing to marketing information & opportunities.

Providing intermediate level computer IT support to our local team, Executive Assistant to the RD & all other general office management.
Organise external contractors & equipment, outsourcing overflow administration work, timesheet checking & reporting, WIP (work in progress) reports, accounts receivable invoice production, monthly reporting, write off reporting, organising staff training CPD & industry courses, backup admin support for head office & other regional offices, transfer large files/reports to clients using cloud based systems.

Have fun with the team, be a good listening ear for anything they are struggling with both professionally & personally & encourage in any way possible, while encouraging & modelling the 4 company values in my work & with my team.

Team Management

Train and manage workload of administrative team including the Office Administrator and temp administrators.

Internal Management of Facilities (premises)

Arranging maintenance of building premises and carparks, Health & Safety implementation and reporting & compliance.

Porirua City, Wellington      
2003 – 2017

Business Operations Manager for a Drainage Maintenance, Rehabilitation & Mechanical Engineering company in Porirua. 

Thirteen years where no two days are alike, with the role evolving regularly, covering a vast array of responsibilities, tasks & challenges within the day-to-day operations of the business.

  • Actively over last 5 years have taken on further essential responsibilities from Managing Operations within the business to coordinating team logistics to facilities management of premises all with ease as the structure of the company has evolved through multiple personal health issues of the Directors.
  • Responded to a multitude of crisis tasks learning them ‘on the fly’ that have arisen both within the business & in the Directors personal lives to free up them to focus on their immediately changed priorities.  
  • Been an effective part of positive change management attitudes for 13 years & with this year’s extensive restructuring of the company.
  • Orchestrated complete overhaul of hazardous chemical storage & handling – surpassing the external auditor’s expectations. 
  • Consistently reassessing systems & procedures to implementing time / cost saving measures for greater productivity & increased profit.
  • Designed & developed the company website from scratch, which now has over 60 pages of up to date information for the clients.
  • Developed marketing brochures for the specialised machines, processes & services to complement the marketing material.
  • Created a database of Clients, Suppliers & Councils for future direct marketing & speed in everyday admin. 
  • Facilitated alongside Director to project manage the building of the company’s new workshop & offices (at the time) dealing with Architects, Builders, Subcontractors & Service providers.  
  • Orchestrated all internal services for the new building eg. telecommunications, phone pabx, cabling, alarm system planning & installation. 
  • Successfully managed the big move of the business to its new premises enabling the Director to be with family overseas.
  • Exceeded the scope of the Office Manager role initially started in & have evolved into an all-encompassing Operations Manager role.
Business Operations Manager - read further detail of experience...

Office & Business Management

Responsible for all office management & administration, marketing & database administration, website design & development, intermediate level computer IT, wide variety of industry technology, travel & accommodation arrangements and dealing with all correspondence in/out.

Handling of confidential documents, health & safety management of staff machinery & processes, diary management for MD, meeting notes, research, work order production & job scheduling, payroll & leave management, RT Operation, staff events organisation, Personal Assistant to the two Managing Directors & all other general office management. Overseas ordering, International payments & coordinating shipping with brokers.

Coordinate & present all material for national ‘Tenders’ that are submitted to Councils around New Zealand & Consulting Engineers. Human resources, reference checking, employment contract documentation & disciplinary action when required.

Able to step in & help with accounts when required including MTS file batching to bank & PAYE digital file uploads to IRD. Track staff training courses, renewals & qualifications ensuring all up to date.

Have fun with the team, be a good listening ear for anything they are struggling with both professionally & personally & encourage in any way possible, ensuring happy teams & staff.

External Operations

Exceeding Health & Safety expectations for clients work sites, ensuring Council Compliance, submission & meeting Pre-Qualification status, satisfying clients’ needs with paperwork before a job starts, reporting during longer term contracts & produce final reporting for client.

Job scheduling of teams, ensuring teams have what equipment they need & compliance of it, temp staffing, job reporting paperwork. Participate in Wellington Water meetings for industry standards for Wellington City Council, Hutt City Council, Upper Hutt City Council, Porirua City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Internal Management of Facilities (premises)

Arranging maintenance of building & other investment properties, planning & proactive flood management (yes, filling sandbags! ), liaising with contractors working on/around premises.

Council liaison for flood management of property, Health & Safety & compliance. Hazardous chemical storage planning, compliance & auditing.

Central City, Wellington
2002 – 2003                                                                                                      

Office Manager / Online Store Manager @ ‘thenewblack’ a Fashion Media company which produced fashion publications & had an online visual directory for the fashion industry. 

Described as the ‘Hub’ of the office, the role was very diverse covering all aspects of Office Management, administration, accounts, website development & directly assisting the Managing Director.  

  • Re-organised & streamlined accounts procedures, & overall office efficiency thus reducing workload & errors.
  • Only person selected to learn & master the brand new Prototype website upload programme ‘NovaSphere’ designed by the IT company. 
  • Hand-picked for internal promotion from Online Store Manager to Office Management/Web development position by the Director.
  • Selected as an essential pro-active part of the exhibition team @ L’Oreal Fashion Week 2002 promoting the online visual directory & “Auckland Fashion Guide” for the company.
  • Assisted in the co-ordination & pagination of the “Auckland Fashion Guide”.
  • Media Writer at L’Oreal Fashion Week’s designer shows for the online magazine. 
Office Manager / Online Store Manager - read further detail of experience...

Office Management

Liaised with national sales staff & co-ordinated all office arrangements with suppliers & clients. Effectively managed the database of nationwide clients, & coordinated direct marketing material. Technically co-ordinated media applications for exhibitions & shows for the company.

Prepared & created web page content for the database driven website (over 4150 pages) including: created client web pages for the online visual directory (1-7 pages each), developed static pages for the online Magazine section, uploaded online versions of the printed fashion publications (WFashion & National Fashion Guides).

Online Store Management

Managed all aspects of online store including liaisons with designers/suppliers, selected collections, compiled & uploaded all data, product information & graphics into the online store.

Received & processed all sales, reconciliation’s & the ongoing customer service.

Covered all customer service areas, wrote & worked on marketing strategies including publications/brochures & online text, reported to designers/suppliers on a regular basis.

Ngauranga, Wellington                                                                           
2000 – 2002

Retail Manager of the Ngauranga Mail Order Shop.  Selling their huge range of ever-changing mail order products with seasonal catalogues & TV advertising.

  • Effectively managed & trained staff with the changeover to incorporate a new RETAIL + computer system for shop sales.
  • Constantly analysed & reorganised the selling floor to obtain best layout for increased profit return.
  • Continually increased the database of customers, which showed excellent returns on repeat customers stemming from outstanding customer service & going that extra mile.
  • Essential part of the team for assessing samples for the upcoming product ranges & catalogues.

Retail Manager - read further detail of experience...

Retail Management

Worked closely alongside the call centre, customer service, warehouse, mail order operations & head office.

Worked to be a valuable part of the company’s management, which developed a customer database of over 250,000.

Professionally managed a successful sales team with motivation & experience, but still with a sense of fun.


NZ Red Cross
Comprehensive First Aid

Certified Handler (Hazardous Substances)

Avanti International
Avanti AV100 & AV118 Chemical Grout Training – approved Handler

Every Nation Leadership Institute
Biblical Training – Christian Ministry – Year 2
Biblical Training – Christian Leadership – Year 1

Geography 103
Geology 111

Bursary University Entrance
Nelson College for Girls – Nelson
Achieved high marks in Photography

Full NZ Driver’s License – Clean


Advanced Knowledge of

  • Microsoft: Word, Mail Merge, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook                                        
  • Microsoft: Teams, OneNote
  • Adobe: PDF (full editing version), Photoshop
  • Cloud Systems: OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive
  • Aconex (online collaboration platform for projects)
  • Video systems: Skype for Business, GoMeeting, Zoom                                             
  • Macromedia: Dreamweaver
  • CD Labelling: Design Express, Roxio, MediaFace
  • Deltek PIM (Project Information Management & Accounting)
  • Accounting: Lexis Nexus Affinity
  • Employment Contracts Creator

Advanced Knowledge of cont…

  • WordPress
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & various Social Media’s
  • Photo Editors: PicMonkey, Snapseed, ABM

Basic / Intermediate knowledge of

  • Microsoft: Projects, Sharepoint (end user), BI Tools, Yammer
  • Mac Applications: Pages, Numbers, Safari
  • Adobe: InDesign
  • Datacom
  • Accounting: Xero, Quantum, MYOB


Welcome to Wellington, New Zealand comprehensive guide (new employee guide) – 2017

I created this guide when a new employee & his family were immigrating from the UK to join our team & modified it several times to cover new employees from South Africa, Netherlands & Zimbabwe.

I wanted to make them feel welcome, know who their team was, & importantly give the spouse a sense of understanding of where they were coming to & support systems available.

I sent a copy to them in advance of them arriving & then a bound copy was at their rental accommodation when they arrived.
 Comprehensive guide to all the little things that are helpful to know about Wellington & New Zealand, stuff people tell you about in conversations but all written down.

How do I deal with my rubbish? Where do I go to find a kid friendly Café? How do I register for an IRD number? Where do I buy a car? Can I rent appliances? Where can I go to find/make friends? Do I need a carseat? Where can I find a taste of home eg. South African Shop?

Apartment Building – Community connection event “Happy Hour” – 2016

Created this event after seeing the immediate need to connect in order for all to meet neighbours & get everyone talking.

Planned the logistics of the event, approached the Body Corporate for permission, compliance & support, marketed & fielded enquiries.

Liaised with Wellington City Council’s Neighbourhood Development Coordinator with how they could assist the Vertical Suburb (Apartment Community) to encourage this.

Set up, hosted, & ran the Happy Hour with a successful turnout & very-very happy neighbours who are now getting to know each other.

Chilton St James School – Parents Association Committee – 2013 – 2017

Active member of the Parents Association committee since 2013 and was elected to the Executive Committee as the Secretary in early 2015.

Correspondence with all members, School and external service providers. Support the President, Vice President and Treasurer.

Provide practical hands on help to School for events that benefit the girls, parents and Teachers. Setup Meeting rooms, take minutes and distribute.

The Rock Church – Hospitality Team Leader – 2008 – 2013

Organised & coordinated a Team of 10 staff as Hospitality Team Leader to greet around 800 people per day for the morning & evening services.

Trained, encouraged Door Greeters, new friends, Carpark Attendants & Customer service for the information counter. Coordinated hospitality related needs inside auditorium eg. Clipboards, New Peoples Packs & simply met the needs in & around The Rock as they arose.

Connected people in to various groups & events. Mixed & Mingled with New People at New Peoples lunch & coordinated food preparation.
Liaised with visiting musical artists & speakers & implemented their specific requirements.

Kiwi Families Website – New Zealand – 2013 – 2017

Bi-Monthly Writer, Freelance writing articles for the largest Family based website in New Zealand who has an audience of over 25,000 on topics around Parenting, Single Parenting & Teenagers.

Personal Website/Blog – New Zealand – 2013 – Present

Created, Designed & sole Writer/Blogger for own Website focusing on a large variety of topics such as Parenting, Single Parenting, Teenagers, City Living, Travel, Pop Culture, Faith, Adventures & Escapades, Wellington, Reviews & more…

Clothes Swap Event – 2011

Requested by the Women’s Director to Plan, Project Manage & Coordinate a large scale Clothes Swap event for The Rock Church & wider community from scratch.

With the outreach to provide funds for new Sari’s for a group of widow’s in Mumbai, India. Developed all processes’, & logistics & sourced all equipment & resources required. Coordinated, delegated a large team of helpers on the day & throughout the event.

Pauatahanui School – Lamb & Calf Day – 2008 & 2009

Shoulder tapped to Coordinate Sponsorship for the schools iconic Lamb & Calf Day Gala, 8000+ attendees.

Updating of previous years Sponsorship database of notes, mail merging of all letters & materials.

Follow up via phone, email or visit to confirm their contributions & source new sponsors to contribute. Coordinated pickups deliveries, signage for day.

Liaised with advertising coordinator, committee & School.

* 2008 – 81% recurrence rate of sponsors, obtained 45 NEW Sponsors with an 18% hit rate for new approaches.
* 2009 – 85% recurrence rate of sponsors, 170 Sponsors in total.
* 2009 – 95% of all expenses from day covered by Sponsorship, freeing up $40,000+ profit for the day (increased from approx 25% in 2008).

Kidz In Motion – Hip Hop & Musical Theatre Dancing – 2008 – 2012

Asked to take on an Administration role, which involved a huge array of tasks.

Created class lists, new enrolment forms, database formation of students’ & parent’s information for billing, correspondence & emergency information.

Newsletter production & notices for dancing parents. Emailing & Texting of updates & changes to all parents.

Hands on help with Rehearsals & Shows including logistics & managing Green Room volunteers for around 70 dancing kids.


I have a keen interest in Business & Innovation, am naturally curious & enjoy finding out how things go, researching things that interest me & reading about people who inspire me in different ways.

An active:

  • Snowboarder
  • Snow Skier
  • Water Skier
  • Runner (really…it’s a slow jog)
  • & enjoy camping with my family & friends.  


Multiple referees and written references available.
Contact me here to request.

Below are a few excerpts from my personal references received:

“Pip played a substantial management role largely self directed. To a large extent, on a day to day basis, Pip acted as the senior management person on site.”

“Despite this busy and sometimes stressful environment, Pip is always cheerful and positive.
It is accurate to say that Pip was the centrepiece which kept Jetco operational. Without Pip, the company could not have survived.”

Pip has been working at Jetco for some 15 years and is very highly regarded by the company directors and shareholders – two of which I have had close contact with over many years. They have had, by necessity, to rely on her an increasing amount over the last three years in particular, and have had nothing but good things to share with me.

When asked to describe Pip, the following words come easily to my mind: honest; positive; resourceful; constructive; committed; problem solver; tactful; discreet; accurate; adaptable; thorough and reliable. Pip also knows how to think “outside the box” when required.

“One of her other personal attributes for which I have great admiration is that she more often than not, thinks of others before herself.”

“Pip facilitated the process and was key to the successful outcome of an otherwise dire situation, back checking management to ensure that all parties interests were looked after correctly, whilst ensuring the outcomes for all parties were the best possible given the circumstances.”

“Should I ever be in the position of needing to hire someone with Pip’s skills, I would head-hunt her for sure, knowing that we would be employing someone with a wide variety of skills and on whom we could rely and would be a committed employee.”

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